We’re San Diego’s Original Blue Water Seafood – as seen on “Triple D”

Blue Water Seafood

Fresh & Local

More than words - it's a way of life.

We grew up in and on the water. Surfing, diving, boating & fishing the beaches and blue water of San Diego and Baja California. We still do. Fresh local seafood has always been a part of the experience. Fish tacos on the docks in Ensenada, where they were invented. Ahi sashimi in the galley on the boat ride home, sliced from that morning’s tuna catch. White Sea Bass pulled from the Baja surf and grilled on the spot over a mesquite campfire.

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Local & Fresh

All We Do Is Fish

Enjoy San Diego's Freshest Seafood

Our menu is how we share those experiences with you. Every day we start with the freshest fish we can get, and carefully prepare it to enhance its flavor. Every plate, every sandwich, every fish taco is an expression of fresh & local.

Whenever possible, we buy local fish directly from the fishermen who catch them – or we catch them ourselves. Ask the guy behind the counter “what looks good?” He might cut you a piece of Yellowtail he caught off La Jolla himself – early this morning.

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Mission Hills

3667 India Street

San Diego, CA


Ocean Beach

5083 Santa Monica Ave 1B
San Diego, CA


Mission Hills - M-TH 11:30AM-8PM, FRI-SUN 11:30AM-9PM
Ocean Beach - SUN-WED 11:30AM-8PM, TH-SAT 11:30AM-9PM

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Thursday, July 4th | CLOSED